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Moss buildup on your roof isn’t just unsightly, it poses serious threats. At New Look Roofing, we offer professional moss removal services in Romsey to protect your roof and its longevity.

The Dangers of Moss on Your Roof

Structural Damage

Moss can loosen tiles and damage roofing materials, leading to leaks and costly repairs.

Reduced Lifespan

Moss growth traps moisture, accelerating roof deterioration.

Curb Appeal Decline

Unsightly moss can negatively impact your property's appearance.

Our Safe & Effective Moss Removal Process:


Thorough Inspection

We assess the extent of moss growth and potential damage.


Safe Removal Methods

We use industry-approved techniques and eco-friendly solutions to remove moss without harming your roof.


Preventative Measures

We recommend and apply solutions like zinc or copper strips to discourage future moss growth.


Roof Repairs

If we discover underlying damage during the process, our team can handle necessary repairs.

Why Choose New Look Roofing for Moss Removal?


Experienced Professionals

Our team is trained and certified in safe and effective moss removal techniques.


Roof-Friendly Solutions

Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing it’s protected and built to last.


Preventative Measures

We help prevent future moss growth, saving you money in the long run.


Comprehensive Services

We offer moss removal and, if needed, roof repairs for a complete solution.


Free Consultations & Quotes

Discuss your unique needs and get a transparent quote tailored just for you.

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